Projects 2019

Research Reports

Book about all projects and other information of the year 2019


Educational podcasts with guests from Ghana


Interactive trail for children about climate change


Improve evaluation methods at universities


Better lecture formats to improve attention


Crowdfunding for research

Digital Enlightenment

Educate young people about cyber security


Match students’ traits with learning strategies

Projects in Prospect 2020


We want to increase technology acceptance among the elderly by showing them a virtual reality tour around the best-known places in Munich including Olympiapark, Marienplatz and many more.


An app about upcycling: AppCycle


We are promoting healthy habits for employees. By applying different interventions and examining their effectiveness, we want to encourage the use of stairs.


Our goal is on the one hand to raise awareness about the influence that social media has and on the other to create a detox program that reduces these effects to a minimum.

Exhibition Fish

We are investigating the apparent discrepancy between how people are sharing data online and their concerns that sharing such data could have negative consequences – concerns that, on the face of it, often contradicts their actual behavior.


We aim to raise consciousness about transportation habits, awareness about their impact on the environment and promote eco-friendly behavior via a gamification mobile-app: the EnterTrainer

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