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Paul Sieber

Pascal Resch

Stefan Lehner

Judith Paripovic

Stefan Engels


Konstantin Riedl


Prof. Dr. Annette Noschka-Roos


A good and constantly adapted lecture evaluation is necessary to ensure high teaching quality. Technical University of Munich (TUM) has therefore developed a complex evaluation system within the scope of its quality management. We show that small changes in variables can improve the return rate and feedback quality of lecture evaluations.

We conducted three case studies to collect data and provides evidence for the following:

  1. Giving students time to fill out the questionnaire in the middle of the lecture leads to significantly higher feedback rates than not motivating them during the lecture. Providing time in the middle of the lecture is slightly, but not significantly, better than at the end of the lecture.

  2. There is no significant difference in return rates between online- and paper-based evaluation.

  3. A shortened evaluation questionnaire with a focus on open questions improves the feedback quality.

Many instances of TUM have already reported their interest in our results to improve the evaluation system. One faculty already initiated the rethinking process of their evaluation sheets due to this project.


Challenges give the opportunities to learn. TUMJA presented me with many challanges and helped me to learn from them.

Paul Sieber

Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

I had a great time while working in our highly motivated team! Confident that our results and suggestions will have a great impact on the evaluation process of TUM.

Pascal Resch

TUM School of Education

During the two years I got a unique chance to adjust the evaluation system of TUM, and to enjoy a broad program in an excellent interdisciplinary commu-nity.

Stefan Lehner


Our project was full of challenges, providing learning possibilities Communication differentiation working with a team all over Europe and establishing new concepts.

Judith Paripovic

Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

During the inspiring, challenging, and fun time at TUMJA, I have improved to work across national, professional, and social borders.

Stefan Engles


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