Team Africast

Educational podcasts with guests from Ghana

Marius Merkle

Patrick Sowinski

Jaimee Lau


Matthias Lehner

Dominik Irber


Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr

Dr. Veronika Diem


We, team Africast, have set ourselves the goal to raise awareness for and interest in the academic cooperation between the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the African continent, focusing in particular on Ghana. With the realization of an online podcast series, we aim to inform the public about ongoing projects and initiatives in this context.

To evaluate the impact of our project and to improve our podcast series, we conducted a scientific survey guided by the following research question: “To what extent does the podcast series Africast enhance knowledge and interest with respect to the scientific cooperation between TUM and the African continent among students at TUM?”

In this research, we distinguish between three indicators, namely active and passive interest as well as factual knowledge in order to measure an individual’s awareness of a topic. Based on qualitative and quantitative research methods, we conclude that the online podcast series “Africast” is an effective format to promote interest and knowledge about the scientific partnership between TUM and African countries.


Heading Taskfore Mentoring we achieved to double the number of mentees and mentors. At Africast, I did a podcast with a Ghanean student and a professor of TUM.

Marius Merkle

Munich School of Engineering

Our 20-month project gave me a new perspective on how to handle long-running projects. It was also great to meet people from different cultures.

Patrick Sowinski

Electrical and Computer Science

Working in a diverse and motivated team on a socially relevant project was a unique opportunity to think outside of the box.

Jaimee Lau

TUM School of Governance

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